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The GSHE website will offer a huge amount of information. It brings advice on how to get to your organisations on road to a greener future.

From the GSHE Intellectual Outputs to Infographics, you will find here what you were looking for.

Access to this information is available to all and for free.

State of play

The two outputs brought together under this State of Play were developed during the first part of the project in 2021.

They include collection, analysis and sharing of good practices. Most importantly, as the project’s initial groundwork to identify/set key indicators, they link to the practical experimentation to be conducted in 2022 and 2023. 

GreenSports Mapping of initiatives

IO 1 - Mapping of existing initiatives (tools and standards)

This tool provides a mapping of current resources, strategies and initiatives on the state and status of green sport organisations. In particular, it includes states policy, policy recommendations, target established and guidance produced.

This is a fundamental output of the project as it highlights key learnings and indicators.

GreenSports Existing Barriers

IO 2 - Survey report on survey on existing barriers

This report explores the current barriers facing sport to implement green sport strategy and use existing tools. It does so by providing the results of a wide consulting with sports stakeholders. This consultation took the form of the GSHE survey on sustainability carried out by ukactive and the partnership from July to October 2021.

Executive Summary is available for download in 5 languages – English, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Slovenian (See below)

Exec Summary
IO2 Executive Summary
Rapport Executif Durabilité dans le sport
IO2 Rapport Exécutif (FR)
IO2 Relatório Executivo (PT)
IO 2 Executive Report (NOR)
IO 2 Izvršno Poročilo (SL)

Capacity Building tools

During the second phase of the project, the partnership developed and tested a comprehensive set of capacity-building tool. This forms a matrix for change for sport organisations and events. It focuses on identifying the sports sector needs and potential actions for a greener and more sustainable future.

IO 3 - The Green Sports Self-Assesment tool

Developed and launched in 2022-  the GSHE Self-Assessment tool enables sport organisations to understand the impact of their events and activities. It will make them aware of their starting line on the road to greener sport. Either as a beacon of excellence or a newcomer to the world of sustainability – the time is now for sport entities to embark on this journey!

Brief overview: You can choose from 6 modules covering: event management; natural environment; governance; resource management; facilities; and host/venue selection. By using this tool, you will gain a better understanding of your own impact on the environment, and how this can be mitigated.

IO 4 - The Green Sport playbook

The Library provides access to inspiring case studies and is meant to inspire all sport organisations in their journey to get greener – either as a beacon of excellence or a newcomer to the world of sustainability.

Brief overview: This GSHE playbook uses case studies from the library and works in parallel with the Self-Assesment tool (SAT). It is displayed after you take the SAT and provides generic guidance -based on your profile- and targeted access to the most relevant inspiring stories.


This last phase of the project will enable the partnership to conduct large-scale valorisation activities. This will take the form of up-skilling and capacity-building activities targeting partners’ network. In addition, the partnership will produce key elements to ensure the project legacy. This may include a strategy for further use of the tools, a Plan for concrete set up of the Hub, a Pledge board.

IO 5 - Recommendations for Policy and decision makers

GSHE RecommendationsPartners developed key recommendations for policy and decision-makers based on the review and mapping study as well as initial testing of the Toolkit. Those key recommendations were co-built with a large ring of sports stakeholders outside the partnership.

This tool contributes to the main aim of the project. Indeed it equips policy makers and sports organisations decision makers with guidance and principles whose implementation supports the build-up of sustainable and greener sports.

Recommendations are available in 5 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Norwegian and Slovenian.

Rapport Executif Durabilité dans le sport
IO5  Recommendations (FR)
IO5 Recomendações (PT)
IO5 Anbefalingene (NOR)
IO5 Priporočila (SL)

We are still working on developing all these resources.

So some may be unavailable at the moment, please be patient and come back later.

Note that if you would like to learn more about the project and its timeline, you can have a look at our devoted page, here.

IO6 - The European Green Sports Charter

Building on the learning of the first two year of the project, the Charter will take the form of a pledge. 

This Pledge will introduce key elements and commitment of “green” oriented sport organisations.

As per the project timeline, partners will launch the pledge on the occasion of the Green Sports Hub Europe final event.

IO 7 - The Green Sports Hub Europe Transferability and Legacy Plan

Learning from the pilot testing, the project partners will seek out a proactive position to be able to drive the future use of the Green Sports Hub Europe tools. 

The transferability and Legacy Plan will therefore embed project’ recommendations and proposed nurturing approach for faster and more effective implementation outside the partnership.

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