On-road to Green Sport, GSHE partners met in Paris – may it be enlightenment!

Mar 4, 2022

On March 1 and 2, partners of the Green Sports Hub Europe (GSHE) project gathered in-person in the City of Light.

The hybrid project meeting was hosted by the project coordinator Surfrider Foundation Europe at the Maison Zéro Déchet. Labeled as an official event under the French Presidency of the European Union, this new step in the project delivery provided a highlight the role that GSHE partners intend to play in the coming years.

How GSHE will team up for environmental values?

The Green Sports Hub Europe project indeed is looking into ways in which the sports sector can become more environmentally sustainable by providing tools and a support system for events and organisations, connecting partners to share good ideas & practices, and by influencing EU policy and decision-makers.

Why is Paris so symbolic?

With many news around the world and new reports ahead, it is the hope of GSHE partners that the echo with the Paris’s nickname as City of light which came from the action from the Sun King (Roi Soleil) who was committed to restoring the public’s faith in law and order and the Age of Enlightenment that followed – can shed some new positive light in the role and responsibility of the sport sector in addressing the most challenging and pressing issue of our time.

What was discussed during the meeting?

GSHE Partners are already 14 months into this collaborative project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and the meeting, which gathered for the first time all organisations, allowed partners to exchange ideas in an efficient and productive way, highlighting the needs, expectations, and values of the group to make the project outcomes useful for everyone in the short and long term.

In particular, it provided an opportunity to review what has been accomplished during this first year. Partners drew together a strategy to exploit and disseminate further the mapping of existing good practices of sustainable initiatives and the results of the survey on the barriers preventing sports organizations to implement sustainable measures in their activities.

” We are on our way to creating a hub that supports the transition and helps connect sport with its environment – therefore narrowing the gap between the sport sector and the other local communities.”

The GSHE Partnership at Paris Meetin in March 2022

Another part of the discussion focused on the development of a self-assessment tool and ideas have been shared on the best way to convey a specific and useful content to sport actors. This tool aims to help sports organisations to have a better vision of their own sustainable practices and give them adapted suggestions for improvement depending on their precise needs.

Finally, the partners started to brainstorm about future steps and actions to take in the project. This included initial discussions as regard recommendations to be developed by and for the sector.

The next steps will include further development and testing of the tangible capacity-building tools for sports organizations to get greener.
While the project is supported by a wide network of associated partners; partners also invite other organizations to join the initiative as well!

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