ACCESS’s project is coordinated by ACR+, a member of the GSHE Steering Committee. It stands for Achieving Circularity in Cities through Environmental Sustainability of Sports.

While the GSHE project is entering is last two months we will keep sharing great opportunities for the world of sport to get greener.

One of them will take place this autumn and winter as the ACCESS project is now entering a phase of supporting the participating sport organisations with topics and skills that were identified as lacking during the assessment phase through interviews, KPI assessment and study visits. The project’s technical partners, ACR+ and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies who conducted these activities in Ireland, Denmark, Portugal and Wales have now put together a training series which answers the hotspots and needs of the participating sport organisations to improve their environmental performances. Five training modules were identified, each covering a set of operations and activities which were identified as potential fields for improved environmental management. Those modules are as such:

  • Sustainability reporting: advantages, trends and finding your audience
  • Understanding your own impact and identifying potentials
  • Green procurement: securing environmentally friendly goods and services
  • Mobility, infrastructure, food and beverage – everything that could make an event more sustainable
  • Natural environment, ecosystems and biodiversity

Those topics are echoing strongly with the work of the GSHE project and the core areas of the Self-Assessment tool.

The ACCESS trainings will take place once a month, each 15th of a month – 15 November, 15 December, 15 January, 15 February and 15 March – each of them starting at 11h (Central European Time). Guest speakers will include experts from both the world of sports, environmental management and circular economy, with appearances of experts in specific fields such as communications, mobility, procurement, nature conservation and more. 

As the series are open to all interested parties, we encourage you to share the invitation among your members, national associations, partners, sponsors and others.